Aedil's Raytracer

Aedil's RayTracer was written as an assignment for the Computer Graphics course. It is special in that it shows the colouring which results from the interference on thin transparant surfaces. It uses very basic physics formulas to model this particular effect.

This page shows two examples of those fancy colouring effects. Both examples were used during the demonstration of the raytracer.

[Raytraced picture] This picture was made to demonstrate the effects of shadow and light transmission through transparant and translucent materials. The scene consists of 15 objects using 5 different types of material, and 5 different light sources. Note the gap in the ceiling through which two lights illuminate the room. At the borders of the gap, light is transmitted through the ceiling (the material parameters were carefully chosen to make this effect possible.

[Raytraced picture] The chessboard picture shows a very large amount of objects and lights put together in one large scene.

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