DikuMUD is a MUD type which is newer than LPmud and yet, in most cases, it is not at all as powerful as LPmud. Objects are hardcoded in the server, and the users are only able to customize these standard objects by giving messages and such. The gaming world is however usually quite good, and despite the less flexible fashion of this MUD, it is gaining in popularity rather well.

The most fundamental criticism concerning DikuMUD is the fact that it uses alot of hardcoded features. This means that adding something like a new object type or a new command requires recompilation of the server, and a reboot of the game. Especially such reboots are often not welcome to players. A long uptime (if possible unlimited even) is now certainly an asset since players do not get troubled with loosing equipment and such.

This is also the only type of MUD for which there is hardly anything related to Multimedia. It is just a game, nothing more. Being hardcoded, it is very unlikely that it will ever become more...

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Last modified: Jul 23rd, 1999
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