MUD MUDs and Multimedia


What can MUDs offer to Multimedia?

MUDs are social environments, where people meet and interact. This is an aspect which is currently lacking in many multimedia applications, or which is still a very experimental facility. It is not needed to see your correspondent or to hear his or her voice, in many situations. Teleconferencing can also be handled in a text-only fashion without lack of comprehensibility. Add graphics to this text-based conference, and one gets very close to the necessary aspects of this kind of contact.

The following aspects are all part on the MUD-world, and can easily be added to Multimedia (or rather, be integrated with Multimedia applications):

What can Multimedia offer to MUDs?

Multimedia is (like the name points out) a field in which several media types get combined. MUDs on the other hand are usually limited to text. There have been attempts to add graphics to the game, but this has failed badly, either because of the bad graphics used, or because of technical issues.

What is possible?


No hope?

Examples of Multimedia-MUD interaction

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